Babies & children learn through their senses, through sensory exploration, acquiring knowledge that is important for their development.

Hullabaloo is an independently run, fun, relaxed sensory adventure class for babies from 4 months - 4.5 years. 

Sessions are designed to introduce your little one to a variety of activities that stimulate the visual, tactile, auditory and vestibular senses through a combination of singing, signing (using Auslan), movement activities, instruments and various sensory exploration activities!

come along and join us at our weekly sessions where we explore a different theme each week.


How did Hullabaloo baby start?

Hello, my name is Amanda Parkinson and I am the creator and founder of Hullabaloo Baby. Thank-you for visiting the website and your interest in Hullabaloo Baby.

I have a background in Psychology (BA hons), incorporating Child Development & Education and I have 2 children of my own so I understand how important the first few years are in a child’s development.  I understand how babies and toddlers learn, learning through their senses, through sensory exploration. This is how they acquire knowledge about their environment, making important connections about the world around them. You only need to type in a search engine about the importance of sensory stimulation for babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers to see the enormous benefits this stimulation has on their development and life long learning.

By exposing your baby/toddler to as many rich, varied, positive experiences you can in the first few years of life will help stimulate brain activity and therefore brain development.  I developed a program which stimulates your little ones senses through a combination of music, singing, sign language (using Auslan), instrumentsand various (sometimes messy) sensory exploration activities!

Hullabaloo Baby is first and foremost a fun and social activity for you and your baby/toddler but rest assured,  each session gives your little one positive experiences through sensory exploration, which stimulates the brain and therefore brain development.

Hullabaloo Baby was born in 2014 out of my passion for child development and a love of being a mum. To put it simply, I love doing it and I am sure you and your little one will love it too! 

Why is Sensory Stimulation so important?

The first few years of your baby and toddlers life is a period of rapid growth, critical psychosocial development, emergence of individual differences and the period where socialisation begins.

An extensive review was completed by the National Research Council and Institute of Medicine in 2000 which found that early experiences, particularly those during the first several years of life set the stage for ongoing development.

A babies brain has the ability to grow at an impeccable rate. By birth, it is one quarter of its adult size and by the age of 3, it will grow to be 80% of an adults. Research also shows that the physical and emotional experiences they have in the first five years of their life directly reflect their learning ability and brain growth the rest of their life.

Sensory stimulation develops sensory pathways that lead to proper brain development and function. Using positive sensory stimulation (through the senses) will help these sensory pathways to become strong and therefore will achieve a sense of permanent learning.

Gentle sensory stimulation has also been a helpful additional therapy for some children diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorders and Autism Spectrum Disorders.

What happens during a Hullabaloo Session?

Hullabaloo Baby is first an foremost a fun and entertaining program and sessions are designed to gently stimulate your baby/toddlers senses through specifically planned, relaxed, positive activities which they will love!

During Hullabaloo baby sessions, sensory stimulation is achieved with specifically developed sessions which focus on:

  • Auditory: The auditory sense is stimulated by interactive songs and music. Babies and Toddlers love music and this is a very important element of each session. 
  • Vestibular: The vestibular system contributes to movement and the sense of balance. Your baby/toddler will respond fun movement activities at each session. 
  • Tactile: This sense is one of your baby/toddlers most effective ways of learning. Therefore having your baby/toddler explore a variety of textures (some messy!) during the session will provide them with a range of new learning experiences. 
  • Visual: This sense is stimulated through various activities for your little one to watch,  including puppets, lights, bubbles and much more! Visual activities which focus on eye tracking in the early months are key.
  • Olfactory: This sense is stimulated using gentle, soothing aromatherapy based activities to again introduce your baby/toddler to a variety of new experiences in a gentle and positive way.

Not only are you creating great learning opportunities for your little one but Hullabaloo Baby is a great way to meet other mums in a safe and positive environment!